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"King Of Glory"



  • Full Name:  Derek Charles Johnson

  • Birthday:  October 8

  • Birthplace:  Duluth, Minnesota

  • Family:  Wife Corrie (been married 12 years) and boys Ethan (8), Jonah (5) and Micah (3)

  • Who would you trade lives with for a day?  Jason Ingram (Nashville music producer and singer/songwriter)

  • What book are you reading now?  Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis (a classic!)

  • What CD is playing in your car right now?  The Rock Won’t Move – Vertical Church Band

  • What is the best thing about being an artist?  Doing what I love and am passionate about…playing music and sharing the Gospel

  • What is the worst thing about being an artist?  Being open to criticism, haha!

  • Biggest career embarrassment:  As an artist, I’m just starting out so I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to play live events.  I do lead worship every Sunday in my church and can say I’ve had plenty of embarrassing moments from that!  One Sunday the band was playing “All Because of Jesus” and it was our first song in the worship set.  We use a PowerPoint presentation for all of our music, chord charts, etc.  Something happened in the sound booth which knocked the PowerPoint off and we lost all the music (it projects on a back screen).  We kept singing the song until we couldn’t keep going any further and eventually had to stop and fix the problem with the PowerPoint.  I think people in the congregation knew something was wrong because we were mumbling a lot of words and hitting wrong chords!  It made for an embarrassing, yet funny moment in our church and although stressful at the time, I can look back now and laugh about it!

  • Most memorable career concert:  Playing my song “King of Glory” for my church congregation for the first time was memorable for me and just a reaffirmation that I’m doing what God has called me to do. 

  • Most memorable moment in creating your most recent record:  I recorded this album with producer Tommee Profitt in his home studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We recorded my vocal takes and acoustic guitar parts over the course of 5 days.  It all seems pretty surreal now that it happened!  But that was a God-thing!  I remember recording vocals for a song I’ve written called “Take Me Away” and I was impressed with the Lord’s presence during the song.  It’s a song about surrender and about giving up our own desires to become more like Christ.  For some reason, the lyrics hit me in a new and profound way even though I’d sung them many times before.  It was a God-moment and I’m thankful for it and grateful for the many great experiences during my week of recording.   

  • What is your favorite hometown hangout?  I’m from Duluth, Minnesota originally so I always consider that my hometown.  When we go back to visit Duluth, my wife and kids like to go the mall…of all places!  We’re kind of weird like that!  But yeah, the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth is my favorite hometown hang, haha!

  • What is something you want others to know about you?  As a musician and a Christian, I walk this fine line between wanting to get my music and my career started, but at the same time wanting to quickly get out of the way so people see Christ.  At the end of the day, I don’t want people to know about me as much as they do Jesus.  It’s not about me and I hope that comes through in these songs and in this ministry.  It’s all about Him and I want to point people back to Him just as John the Baptist always pointed to Christ and paved the way for His ministry. 

  • Who has been the most influential person in your career?  My producer Tommee Profitt has been a mentor to me during this process and someone I deeply respect and admire.  He’s very creative as a producer and I think that comes through on this album.  He also wears the hats of songwriter and performer and I’ve learned a lot from him as I start out in this venture of music ministry. 

  • How did you get into the music industry?  I started uploading videos and home recordings of my songs to YouTube, SoundCloud, and other music-sharing sites.  Many of the original contacts I made came through that and have led to other open doors.  I’m still hoping to do more in this industry and am humbled as I see God bring forth some amazing opportunities!

  • Favorite song:  That’s tough…hard to pick just one!  One of my favorite artists over the years has been Bebo Norman.  He has a song called “The Middle” which I identify with personally.  It’s definitely a favorite.  A lot of his music hits home because it’s so lyrically rich and resonates with me on a deeper level.   

  • Favorite vacation spot:  Norfolk, Virginia (I was stationed there for 3 years with the Navy)

  • Favorite food:  Pizza

  • Favorite drink:  Mint-condition mocha from Caribou Coffee

  • Guilty pleasure:  A bowl of Lucky Charms filled with chocolate milk

  • Worst fear:  Probably the thing that first got me into ministry…the fear of living a life that was about the wrong things and that when I get to the end, I’d be full of regrets

  • What was your very first job?  Subway

  • What is the question you are most tired of answering?  Not necessarily tired of answering this, but it’s probably one of the most common questions I get:  ”Why would you leave a good career as a pharmacist and go into the ministry?”  It’s not a typical career move, I know!  But for the reason behind this decision, see my answer to “worst fear.” 

  • Choose one adjective to describe your music style:  Honest

  • What is the number one thing you hope people get out of your music?  That through these songs, as I share my own struggles and confessions, they will be drawn to the same thing that gives me strength:  Jesus Christ. 

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